We are partners in this beautiful training project in Romania! If you are interested to participate, please write us quickly an Email!


Background of the project
“ Training For Nature” project was developed based on the fact that the world nowadays is facing very dramatic challenges caused by global warming, desertification and acid rain or atmospheric pollution which took the shape of an environmental crisis affecting the earth balance and having consequences as spread of tropical diseases, malnutrition, relocation and reunification of refugees and immigrant families, housing and food challenges, disaster relief and changes to employment patterns. Unsustainable models of advancement, unequal power relations and unequal dissemination and use of resources, key to the current worldwide socio-economic system of neo-liberalism, worsen structural disparities and influence most poor and low-income individuals.

The main goal of the project is to increase the capacity of youth-related organizations in Europe to become more sustainable and environmentally oriented in their work.
The training course offers to the participants a holistic understanding of the unity and interdependence of human society and the natural environment. At the same time, we will offer a series of tools to participants that will enable them to trigger learning processes within young people in relation with the action they can take to protect the environment and build a sustainable community.

More specific objectives are:
– To provide tools and methods to 25 youth workers from 7 countries in Europe to enable young people engage in more sustainable and environmentally friendly activities in their daily life.
– To create environmentally friendly attitudes among 25 youth workers in order to help young people commit to a sustainable lifestyle and make environmentally friendly changes in their daily behaviour.
– To stimulate the participants to act as “environment agents” in their own organization and regions.
– To create a networking framework that would enhance the organizational and professional development of the 7 partner organizations towards interventions focused on environment and sustainable development.
The project brings together 7 partner organization from all around Europe in Romania, in an environmentally friendly location. They will share good practice, experience new methods and explore new sides of an environmentally oriented type of intervention.

Target group and criteria
The participants of the project are envisioned to be youth workers or other practitioners active in the nongovernmental partner organizations who wish to design and implement environmentally oriented activities with the young people they are working with. Therefore, they can be social workers, project
managers, volunteer coordinators, communications coordinators, psychologists, community facilitators, etc.
The participants should be resident of one of following countries: Croatia, Italy , Lithuania,Germany, Portugal, Romania, Spain
(*applications from people residents in other countries then the one mentioned before (regardless if they are nationals of the countries mentioned before will not be accepted) ;

Financial aspects
This project is funded by Erasmus + (KA1) of European Commission. According to its financial rules:
100% of the food and accommodation expenses are covered by the programme and participants will be reimbursed regarding the travel costs according to travel distances upon presentation of travel documents after approved confirmation of participation by ART Fusion and OBUK e.V..
If you are interested in taking part in this training course, please fill in the application form and return it completely to the e-mail address you find bellow until 17 th April 2017!
For more information please send us an email to but make sure you have read all the information presented in the call before addressing a question.

Hosting Organization
A.R.T. Fusion from Romania is a youth organization that offers a realistic perspective over the struggling problems of our Romanian and global society nowadays.
A.R.T. Fusion’s mission is to create social change by encouraging members of the community to take responsibility. A.R.T. Fusion’s activity is focused on two dimensions: social responsibility and global responsibility. The methodology that they use includes the forum theatre method, living library,
street campaigning and global education.
A.R.T. Fusion is very know at national and international levels for the global education dimension developed in the last 5 years. Its work regards the power of each individual of making decisions concerning the consummation of natural resources. From kindergarten to universities, NGOs, institutes, companies – A.R.T. Fusion team shares the message of how important it is to be globally aware of the consequences of wasting the natural resources and how you can act in favour of humans and nature.

Training For Nature – 9. – 16. July 2017 – Romania