Get active: Strengthening Migrant Perspectives in Political Education!


Postcolonial educational perspectives on global racism and resistance – inclusion and empowerment from migrant voices.


Are you part of the Chilean or Sudanese community in Berlin? Are you active in political struggle?  Do you have experience in political education or are you interested in political education?    We invite you to become part of our team of experts in this project and discuss issues related to inclusion, anti-discrimination and colonization and through this we develop together anti-racist/racism critical educational methods.

About us : 

In the project are educational consultant Adam Bahar, who comes from Sudan and lives for 12 years in Germany and he has years of experience in political education work and active in various migrant groups together with Cristina Marambio from Chile,

They are coordinating and organizing the project with the support of our members of the association Förderverein Offene Bildung Umwelt Kultur.


Our goal :

We want to use knowledge and expertise of migrant communities in a strong real life oriented approach to create new educational methods. Within the framework of this project, methods for the implementation of four workshop days with different thematic focuses are to be developed, tested and disseminated.

The developed educational methods should choose creative and non-formal approaches that are as intersectional as possible and include possibilities for adaptation in terms of target group and time frame. In addition, they should develop skills for action or strategies against racism with the learners or provide them with such competencies.


How do we want to work :

In several workshop days we want to look together at the relationship of both countries (Chile-Sudan) to Germany from a historicist as well as from a current perspective.  Using Chile as an example, we will discuss its colonial history and the resulting structures of Chilean society, the role of German exiles and the current protests and the resulting democratization process.

The democratization process and the resistance against the military regime in Sudan also offer current points of contact for educational work. In particular, the role of the military and development aid provided by the EU and Germany to the Sudanese dictatorship in recent years as part of the Khartoum process to ward off refugees represents a clear link to Germany and Europe. This goes hand in hand with the often racist connotations of German debates on refugee defense from Africa and has strong implications for migrant:s from Africa living here.


Who we are looking for :

We are looking for 20 people from the Chilean and Sudanese migrant*s self-organizations to be part of the creation and eventual future implementation of these educational methodologies.


When? Immediately, November 2022.

Where? In Berlin, Germany.


If you have any questions, please contact us! We will be happy to clarify your questions.



mobile: 01788744854.


Join us and become part of our project

Get active: Strengthening Migrant Perspectives in Political Education!